UV Sanitizer Light


Price is per unit. Qty: 1200 units. MUST TAKE ALL.

New, First Quality, In Stock and Ready to Ship!   Home and Car Use UV Sanitizer Electric and Battery UV Light Sanitizer- *Photo Attached*   Kills 99.9% Bacteria

TAKE ALL   F.O.B. California USA Inline image image.png   Features of UV Light Sanitizer:   * Durable ABS Plastic housing   * Portable style, easy to take and use   * UV-C light helps to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus,molds etc, keeping your life free from germs.   * Can be used in daily life, like chopsticks, spoons, smart phone, hand set   * With a protected safety switch,UV-C light will automatically turn off if the device is turned upward.   * Can be powered either by 4 pcs AAA batteries or Micro USB cable   Specifications:   * Size: L125*W35*H25mm   * Weight: 110g   * UV-C Lamp: 2W   * Lamp Life: 200,000hrs   * UV Wavelength: UV-C(253.7nm)   * Radiation: >2500uw/cm   * Battery: 4*AAA/ 6V( this item do not including the batteries)   * Color: white or customized   How to use this UV Light Sanitizer?   1. Start to work with 4 pcs AAA Battery, put them into the battery box, and make sure to close the lip of the battery box cover, or you can connect the item with the micro USB cable to power bank or any device with USB port.   2. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds, the blue LED light will light up and the UV lamp will light up as well, which mean it start to sterilize   3. When you finish sterilization, please press the on/off button to turn it off.     4. In order to have the best sterilization effect, please put the sterilization part(the UV lamp) as close as you can to the products you want to sterilize.